Host Companies are organizations (private or public) that are handpicked from our network and are a relevant partner for your acceleration phase. Our host companies come from a variety of sectors; public or private transport operators, local authorities/municipalities, car/van manufacturers, mobility companies, IT companies, open data projects, etc. They typically deal with a transport poverty challenge and they are seeking to collaborate with startups to create solutions. The Host Companies will be able to provide your startup with access to test/target groups, lab facilities, testing grounds, technical expertise, and other resources to develop a pilot. 

Three examples of host companies in our database:

  • A consultancy from Belgium that is working with 2 municipalities and the transport regional council to develop a carpool scheme at neighbourhood level in order to substitute for reduced public transport offer. Their goal is to improve mobility for people in remote areas and elderly.
  • A local authority from the UK that created a platform for people to book an on-demand responsive transport service that needs to be made more accessible and more functionality. They they want to collaborate with a startup to develop an app.
  • A local authority from Greece wants to increase the use and accessibility of public transport by youth and is seeking innovative solutions.

In principle the financial support is given at the end of each phase upon presenting the deliverables as agreed between you and the HiReach Startup Lab upon entering these phases. However, pre-financing certain costs should not be a bottleneck to participate in the HiReach Startup Lab, in case it would be, please contact us. 

We are not only interested in digital solutions; we are interested in all kinds of innovative mobility solutions (including physical products) that are addressing transport poverty, including but not limited to: informal ride-sharing and vanpooling services, community transport services, innovative ride-hailing mobility services, on-demand flexible public transport, smart vehicles, smart cities, open-source software, parking, logistics, customized mobility, accessibility, navigation information, data & IoT, smart infrastructures, service design, passenger experience, environment, safety and security in mobility. 

Innovative mobility solutions to cope with transport poverty in Europe.